Friday, January 30, 2009

Just ban it already!

I'm getting a little tired of the liberal nannies in this country telling us which legal products we can use where and when. The recent bans on smoking are a perfect example. I am not a smoker. Never have been, but still I do not agree with how far they are going. No smoking inside any building, no smoking outside by the doors. Now, the good folks of Minnesota are introducing a bill to ban smoking in personal vehicles where children are present.

What I would like to ask is why, if these bans are supposed to be for the good of everybody, haven't we banned tobacco completely? Two words. Tax revenue. Without the taxes brought in by the sale of tobacco products, the tax and spend liberals in this country would have to raise taxes more or, gasp, cut spending. Yes, I know that the tobacco lobby in this country is very strong but with how long the industry has been vilified, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that if a Senator or Representative wants to be re-elected, they wouldn't support a tobacco prohibition. The plain truth is that the only reason such a ban hasn't been forwarded is the loss of revenue. Plain and simple.

I am an asthmatic due to my stepfather's habit that reached close to two packs a day at one point. Still, I can't support all of these silly bans. If it's illegal, you can't do it anywhere. If it's legal, you have no right to limit it within reason. Because we think it's bad for you isn't a good enough of a reason. Lots of stuff is bad for you. There isn't a big rush to ban coffee, soda, energy drinks, or alcohol. They are personal choices just like tobacco.

I can hear the arguments now. Tobacco affects others, not just the user. To you folks I ask is an alcoholic who goes out and kills himself behind the wheel the only victim? What about his family? Or how about the busy executive who ends up with an ulcer the size of a golf ball from too much stress and coffee who doesn't go to the doctor because he doesn't have enough time and collapses? Unless you are a homeless drifter with no friends and family, your actions affect someone. I don't need the government to protect me from me. I need them to protect me from them.

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