Friday, January 30, 2009

Sharks and Bears v.2


I have decided to revive my blog after 17 months of abandonment. It is also going through a bit of a retooling. Instead of trying to make serious social and political commentary, I will be writing about whatever catches my fancy at the time. That will revolve around sports (Cubs in the summer and Sharks in the winter), news, politics, and whatever else I come across.

Now, about me. I'm a Conservative, white male in the advertisers key demo. Forced to deal with Wisconsin's seven months of winter for nearly 32 years, it has left me a little bitter about the human condition. If you have seen some of the news stories coming out of Wisconsin, you will understand why.

Look for sporadic updates as my job, my quest for a new job, and my kids take up a fair amount of my time.

Welcome and please comment freely!

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