Friday, January 30, 2009

Super Bowl? Meh...

I haven't closely followed the NFL in many years. I do pay a bit of attention, mostly because the drama over the Packers here is too funny not to watch. The Favre debacle was pure gold.

As a Cubs fan and Sharks fan, I'm used to cheering for the underdog. I even get a thrill watching a 15 seed try to upset a #2 in March when the NCAA tourney comes around. So why can't I seem to get behind the ultimate underdog, the Arizona Cardinals?

A team that, before this year, had only won one playoff game since 1947 certainly qualifies as an underdog. A team that has struggled for an identity and a fan base in the desert proves their status as the biggest underdog franchise outside of Detroit.

I just can't do it. I wish I knew why. Everyone likes rooting for the little guy.

Maybe it's the Warner effect. A guy coming from nowhere to lead a team to the promised land. The problem there is he has already done it. No story there. Could it have been the Edgerrin James signing mirrored the Reggie White to Green Bay signing a little too much? I don't know.

Maybe it's how they got here. After years and years of bad drafts and even worse free agent signings the Cardinals started to do things right. Year after year of solid, high draft choices and key free agent signings. They are not a Cinderella team. The analysts know how they did it. The right way. 9-7 is not a record to put fear into their opponents. All they did in the playoffs is take on all comers in all situations and dispatched them all. The right way. Just like champions before them. And maybe champions just like them.

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