Saturday, January 31, 2009

Building nature isn't the answer

This story I came across today in the LA Times sounds good on the surface, but there are a few problems. First, when the CCC was formed, this country was in a serious depression. Unemployment was rampant, nobody could buy anything. Today we are struggling, don't get me wrong, but things aren't nearly as bad as the '30's.

It was a different era. A lot of working age people were not literate. Health care was primitive by today's standard. People's work ethic was a lot stronger than today.

And that's the problem. How many under-educated inner city kids will be willing to move hundreds of miles from home to take on a hard, physical job? Why would they want to when the gangster lifestyle is more profitable with fewer risks? How many white collar workers would be willing to chuck it all for a menial, physical, and dirty job?

I think that the people who think a jobs program similar to this are just looking for the easy way out. There is no way that a job program like this can be sustainable. None. That is what this country needs right now.

Remember, the US didn't fully come out of the Great Depression until World War II broke out. Supplying arms and ammunition to Britain and her allies began the turn around. Taking unskilled workers and training them into manufacturing jobs is what pulled this country out of the depression.

Do we have what it takes to find a way to recover from this recession? I believe so. How? That is for people smarter than I. I do know that throwing money around like drunken sailors on pay day isn't the answer.

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