Thursday, February 12, 2009

Because they can!

I've been thinking about the "stimulus" bill that's about to be rammed down our throats. I think I know why the Democrats were so quick to push this crap through. It's not because they can, as everyone seems to think. It's because they think we won't remember. Sadly, I think they are right.

There are pundits and political junkies on both sides who will remember this spending bill of course, but the general public, for the most part, will not. Sure, a few at risk Senators and Representatives will probably lose their seats in two years, but when the general election comes around in 2012, very few in the general population will remember this and hold Obama responsible.

Not a great revelation, I know. It's an accurate one none the less. We, as a people, have a embarrassingly short memory. Even something as tragic as the attacks on September 11th has begun to disappear from the memory of the general public.

How did we get this way? I'm not sure that you can point to one certain event, but the increasingly fast pace that most of the public leads these days is for sure one of the biggest causes. People in this country today have little time to think, much less remember anything.

The biggest issue we have is, how do we change it? The Democrats, in their rush to get this bill passed, have done the conservative people in this country a great service. More of the general public is waking up to what exactly is going on. It's not a solution. There a lot of Obama supporters who believe that everything will be milk and honey now that he's President. But it's a start.

I think we need to give up the fight on this one. It's over. What's a few dozen billion when we are talking about trillions? I think the right leaning people will be better served by letting Obama stagger his way through some more high profile issues. Let's see how well he fares when Iran, North Korea, Hammas, and other baddies throughout the world start their sabre rattling. It seems that he's undercutting the power of his SecState already. Let's see how well that works out when the Middle East is one spark away from an explosion.

Ultimately, I would love to see Obama fall flat on his face. Unfortunately, I don't know if we can survive that.

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