Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Nothing up my sleeve....Presto!

It appears that Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle, aka the Great Doylini, has decided to wait until February 17th to unveil the budget proposal he has come up with. He claims that he is waiting to get a clearer idea how much federal money the state will be getting. We all know what that means. We have seen it before.

Most recently the Great Doylini used his line item veto power (a power not even the President has!) to steal money from the transportation fund to "balance" the budget. He has also blown other windfalls to "balance" the budget. What really gets on my nerves is that the voters in this state never call him on this magic trick.

Spending one time money to get out of a spending issue never works. Never has. What's the most irritating is that the politicians in this state will continue to do is as long as they are voted back into power after these tricks.

I suppose that it's not entirely his fault. The teacher's union here has polluted his mind with questionable math. It goes like this. Say, for example, in year A the schools receive $1 million for a certain program. In year B they ask for $1.5 million. If the government says that they can't give that much in year B and offer $1.2 million. The union will scream to the papers that the government wants to cut $300,000 out of the budget for that program, when in fact they are receiving a $200,000 increase. I suppose after 5 years of math corruption he might be given a break. Maybe.

I suppose that I should take a bit of solice in the fact that it is possible that this will be the last magical budget we will have to go through. Doyle has yet to announce whether he will run in 2010 and there are some rumors that he is a candidate for a couple of ambassadorships.

Wisconsin will not be able to come out of it's recession until we get a fiscal conservative running things in Madison. I'm afraid to say that the only way that will happen is if Doyle leaves on his terms, because if left to the voters he won't be leaving at all.

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