Thursday, February 12, 2009

Why are we still paying for Katrina victims??

I came across this story thanks to a Twitterer. I was shocked at first to learn that, three and a half years after the storm, we as taxpayers are still paying for those trailers and for families to be in hotel rooms. After taking a few minutes to think about it, I no longer was shocked. I'm upset with myself that I was shocked at all. Why would it be any surprise in this nation of welfare? If anyone can get something for nothing, they will grab it with both hands.

The "stimulus" bill is just the latest example in the long line of people in this country looking for something for nothing. What happened to the great American spirit? The one that was able to mobilize at the drop of a hat for a war we didn't want to enter? What about the spirit to take everything you owned and set off to resettle in an unknown wilderness?

Yes, times are tough. It's not about how you got where you are, it's about how you are going to solve your problems. Looking to the government to fix your mistakes is no answer. How many of you when you were younger didn't listen when your parents told you no. You had to do it. That's when you learned a valuable lesson.

Mistakes happen. We all make them. What are people going to learn when the government bails them out whenever they have a hardship? All they will learn is that they are not accountable for their actions.

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