Saturday, March 7, 2009

The best retro sports logos that you will never see again!

I got thinking the other day about this retro fad, how it seems to be 'cool' to wear 30 year old clothes. I personally don't see the appeal. Maybe I'm not young enough to be with it anymore. Pro sports teams are getting into this as well. A lot of them are going to retro feel color schemes as well as bringing back old logos. Well, I came up with a list of logos that were great at the time, but will never again see the light of day.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Why it was cool - At some point in their lives, all kids pretended to be a pirate. It's just one of those stages. When you did, what was the first things you did? Got an eyepatch, tied a stuffed bird on your shoulder, and found a knife to put in your teeth. When you thought pirate, what their logo was was not far off the mark.

Why it will never be seen again - Unfortunately he has a few things going against him. First of all, the toughest pirate around loses a bit of credibility when he is decked out in orange and red. Second, with that way too big feather and wink, he seems a little too soft for a sport like football. Hope is not completely lost however. Thanks to the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies, this Johnny Depp-like pirate could be reborn.

New England Patriots

Why it was cool - Just look at him! He's all American and he's playing football! What could be better than a minuteman decked out in the old red, white, and blue playing the country's favorite sport. Strong, manly and partiotic.

Why it will never be seen again - Well, leaving alone the fact that it's no longer cool to be patriotic, he seems a little too patriotic. Red knee high socks and that really red hat. Wow. At least the coat isn't powder blue. Also, without getting too gross, by that facial expression it appears he's bent over for some other reason.

Hartford Whalers

Why it was cool - This is still among one of the best hockey logos ever. The whale tail combined with a clean design make it one of the most recognisable logos still. Add the 'H' in the void between the 'W' and the tail and you put a good logo into hall of fame good.

Why it will never be seen again - When the Whalers left town for North Carolina, there was a battle over just who owned the rights to the team name, color scheme, and logos. To make matters worse, the owners of the team sold off the rights before it was known if the rights were even theirs to sell. It now is making it's way through the courts and very well could be years before the issues is decided. That's really too bad, because it keeps Pucky out of the public eye.

Mighty Ducks of Anaheim

Why it was cool - Ok, so it was only cool if you were under 10, but the clean design and a concept that stayed inside the sport made it tolerable.

Why it will never come back - No more Disney. The only reason that this design made the cut in the first place was the fact that Disney owned the team and wanted to connect the team to the movies. Although, considering what they changed it to, the team may make the change back.

Denver Nuggets

Why it was cool - Nuggets...miners...they play basketball...Um...Ok, maybe it was never cool, but it was the '70's. A lot of things seemed cool at the time that wasn't (disco, John Travolta, LSD) back then.

Why it will never be seen again - Please. We've got a better chance of seeing Frank Caliendo in a speedo.


Greg E said...

Nice to see the Bucs and Pats on the top of your list. They both take a lot of flack but I love both. The Patriots were wearing them here and there until a couple of years ago. It's clear the current Bucs owners hate Bucco Bruce. It's a shame. The orange shirts with white pants would still look fine, especially with the retro craze. Just bring 'em back for one game at least!

imajoebob said...

Pucky is simply the best. It's an instantly readable rebus. In fact, it predates the iconic I [heart] NY by 5 full years!

As for primary logos, the best is the old Cincinnati Stingers (also WHA). Hands down. Every bit as well designed as my beloved Whalers, but just a little more style.

Trivia: the Stingers logo can be seen prominently displayed in the offices on WKRP in Cincinnati!

Not as interesting trivia: A Whalers jersey is a prominent part of the decor on Full House(!). Dave Coulier is a big hockey fan, so it was on the wall of his character's (Uncle Joey) bedroom. The other jersey he had was the Red Wings.

Oh, lose the silver piped logo and show the white "H." The silver is the brainstorm of Richard Johnson, the well-intentioned but hapless owner who ran the team into the ground. We knew it was trouble when he hired Eddie Johnston. I'm not sure Eddie ever appeared sober in public.