Monday, March 16, 2009

The most overrated sports event

A mental assist for this post goes out to Jeff Wagner of 620 WTMJ. He began his show today asking callers their favorite sporting event. That got me thinking. What are the most overrated sporting events in this country. Now I know that pretty much everyone will disagree with me, but that's ok. These are just my thoughts.

1 - The Indianapolis 500

This one is hard for me as I am a fan. There are several reasons that this one makes the list. First, it's not even the beginning of the season. All that hype would be better if it was the start of a fresh season. Second, even though there have been several races lately that have been memorable, you could take out a bunch of the race and you really wouldn't miss much. Lastly, it has just way too much leading up to the race. How many pre-race driver interviews do we really need? I blame NASCAR for this one.

2 - Major League Baseball Opening Day

This one comes in number two only for the fact that it is the beginning of the season. Think of how long a baseball season is. The hype for opening day is just a little too much. If you want a good example of this, check out the attendance numbers of a northern, non dome team on opening day and compare them to day 2. With the possible exception of the Yankees, Red Sox, and Cubs, the numbers won't be close.

3 - The Daytona 500

The saving grace of this one, again, is that it opens the season. However, do we need 3 weeks of it? This is the only race of the season where they race to race (Bud Shootout). Besides, most of the races are boring. Way too many races are not won by the racers, but by the team. Pit strategy and pit times often make the difference in the average NASCAR race, not driver skill. Another gripe I have with NASCAR is, does there need to be so many cars? The reason they have so many 20 car incidents is there are so many out there. It's bound to happen.

I was tempted to put the Super Bowl on here too, but in recent years it has become less about the game itself and more on the halftime show and commercials. That makes the game secondary before you kick off.

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