Sunday, March 15, 2009

Where did my Sharks go?

Ok, I understand that the injury bug has hit them pretty hard, but why am I forced to watch a team who looks to be afraid to make a mistake?  The tentative play recently is turning a great team in to an average team pretty quick.  

Last night against the Kings they finally looked like the team we all watched the first half of the year.  The physical play was back, the speed game was there, and with Nabby back the goaltending returned to form.  So why did they have to rely on a shootout to beat the lowly Kings?  Either they are refusing to work hard or they think they can coast to the playoffs.  

Personally, I think it's the latter.  The Sharks won so many games the first half of the season with relative ease that now I believe that they think the rest of the season will be just as easy.  I know that no team ever goes wire to wire in first, but it's not just the losses that concern me.  It's the way they are losing.  Losses happen, but to be outworked by a talently inferior team and lose is unacceptable.  The game on March 12th stands out as a perfect example.  The entire game the Sharks looked like they didn't want to win and guess what, they didn't.  

There are just too many teams fighting for their playoff lives right now.  Every one is looking to make a statement playing the Sharks.  If they can't get back on track, it is very likely they will fall in the first round to a team that wants it more.

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