Saturday, April 11, 2009

The not quite ready for prime time president

First off, just because I'm a right leaning conservative makes no difference as far as this post goes. If we had a Republican conservative in the White House making the same blunders, I would be calling him out as well.

Now that the hope and change hysteria has calmed down, I wonder how many folks who thought that Obama was the great answer to this country's problems have had a change of heart? It is obvious that BHO was nowhere near ready for the responsibilities he has. Less than one term as the junior senator from Illinois just doesn't give you the needed executive experience you must have when you are the leader of the United States.

We all have heard the gift gaffes that he has made so far. There are two reasons for these. Either he has a clueless protocol office (unlikely) or he never consulted them (probable). These gaffes are remarkably easy to avoid. Hopefully he will learn from this and stop embarrassing the country.

Being able to read a speech in public is a great gift. Not everyone can do it as effectively as he can. That's not enough of a reason to elect him president. His appointments to cabinet level positions aren't much better. I'm reminded of the Green Bay Packer teams of the mid 80's. I have been told that the head coach hired assistant coaches and signed players because they were either good friends or good people. The result was depressingly bad records. I see the same thing happening here. Obama is choosing folks who are more friends then the right people for the job.

One other thing I wonder about is if Michelle was really comfortable with him being elected. We all have that relative who refuses to have their picture taken. You know that look they give you when, to try to be funny, you take their picture at a family gathering? That is how Michelle looks on several photos I have seen since the election. It's almost like she's getting annoyed with all of the photos being taken of her. It hasn't even been the 100 days yet. Does she think it's going to get better? Or easier? Like it or not, she's the First Lady. Photo ops are going to be almost a daily occurrence for her.

It hasn't really sunk in yet, but when Obama ordered more troops to be deployed he broke one of his largest campaign promises. Less than three months on the job and he's already breaking promises that he made on the campaign trail. How many more will he break before his term is up? It's sad, really. At this rate, the Republicans could very easily take back control of Congress in 2010. If that happens, we will suffer through two years of stagnant government. With the economy in the shape it's in, if we don't get it turned around before then, when will we transition from calling it a recession to calling it a depression?

A bad economy with no solution in sight, a president who seems to make the wrong decision every time, and a nation as a whole losing respect on the global stage. We are at a very important crossroads as a nation right now. Will we make the right choices and turn it around? Only the historians will know.

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