Tuesday, April 14, 2009

An old fogey at 32? It could happen to you!

I have never been on the cutting edge of technology. I probably never will either. I have just never saw the need to have the newest, sleekest, fastest widget on the market. That attitude appears to have firmly planted it's teeth in my rear.

I have not fallen into the Facebook/MySpace tidal wave. I never saw the point. It's not that I don't want to connect with people, it's just that those services never had any appeal to me. As a political junkie and a writer as a hobby, I am finding that I have some things to say that just aren't getting out there. I'm still not interested in the massive behemoths that are Facebook and MySpace. As a compromise, I began Tweeting.

I can see the value of Twitter. It's a nice, quick way to keep up with folks that share your likes and values all over the world. What I can't understand is the obsession with having 10k followers. What's the point? What's even stranger is the people who are following 10, 20, or even 30k people. How in the world can you keep up with more than a handful of them?

I just joined up with Smart Girl Politics. Yea, I know, I'm not a girl. It's all Tabitha's fault anyway! :D Still, it's a great place for conservatives of both sexes to come together to share ideas among a group that shares the same values. However, the lack of experience with social media sites is starting to make me feel a lot like Rain Man. I'm dreading the day when my daughter (who is six right now) will be trying to help her clueless dad online and just sighs, rolls her eyes and says, "Here dad, just let me do it!"

I knew the day would come when I was no longer "with it", I just didn't know the day already passed!

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No Idle Hands Knitter said...

Glad you are on Smart Girl Politics! Also liked your previous blog for all of us to keep more involved on the local level.