Friday, April 24, 2009

Time to rebuild a President's Trophy winner?

As I begin to write this, the Sharks are three minutes away from going down three games to one to Anaheim. I can't believe what I am seeing. I know why it's happening, I just can't believe it. There needs to be some major retooling done to this team before next season if the Sharks ever want to be better than an average team in the playoffs. The following players I can see being moved before next season.

1 - Joe Thornton. For as good as he was during the regular season, you would think that he would finally get that "disappears in the playoffs" removed from his name. Well, we haven't seen it yet and I don't think we will. Even facing elimination, I can't imagine he can find his game.

2 - Jeremy Roenick. Yes, he did revive his career these last two years, but I think that his age is finally catching up with him. I don't think the Sharks will move him as much as I think he will call it a career.

3 - Claude Lemieux. I still can't understand this signing and call up. From what we saw in McGuinn and Vesce during their callups they should have been taking that roster spot and gaining valuable experience. Instead the Sharks coaching staff gave that ice time to a way past his prime grinder.

4 - Mike Grier. Great at times this year but he's never been much more than a defensive forward. At 34 you have to wonder just how much more he can play before becoming a liability. In all honesty if it wasn't for Mitchell's injury, I don't know how much he plays this season.

5 - Alexi Seminov. This will come as a shock to nobody, but with the deadline day deal for Kent Huskins the Sharks have pretty much shown him the door.

Also, do not be surprised if one of the current goaltenders also are moved. Sooner or later the Sharks have to bring the next prospect up and work him in slowly while they still have that option. I would like to be able to say for sure that it probably will be Boucher, but the fact that Nabokov has looked more average then stellar lately could work against him.

I have been a Sharks fan since season two. I have seen the good, the bad, and the very ugly. At this point, I am not sure if I even want to watch game 5. I don't think that I can stand to watch this team that had so much potential fall flat on it's face on home ice.

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porchwatch said...

I don't blame him, but I think we should put Cheechoo on the market. His stock would be high, and we could make a good deal.

I see the lack of toughness as a key issue. Don't know who might be available, but another Rob Blake-esque defenseman would be great. I prefer that to a Dan Boyle or Brian Campell "finesse defenseman".

Hate to admit it, but we need to start thinking about another goalie. No need for a Nabokov replacement, but Boucher can't be the backup forever.