Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I've become what I most feared...

Back in the early days of the Internet, it was considered a status symbol to have a personal website. You needed to have a certain amount of technical knowledge in order to build even a basic site. Then the self-publishing sites came along and helped you out with examples of the HTML codes you would need, but it was still basically up to you to design it, or hire a tech geek to do it.

About this time, the popularity of the Internet really took off. Seemingly overnight, the 'net went from a plaything of geeks and tech savvy individuals to being the next big thing. It was about this time that I decided that I was never going to have a personal site. I wanted to be the last person on the planet without a personal site. I can still remember the day that I made this decision. I'm originally from Appleton, WI. A city of about 70,000 people, too big to be a small town and too small to be a big city. I was driving along one day and came to a stop behind an Appleton police car at a red light. Prominently splayed along the top of the rear window was a decal showing the website of the Appleton Police Department. That is when I decided that, if the Appleton PD felt they needed or wanted a website, I would refuse to have one.

I was able to fulfill that ambition until about two years ago. That's when I started this blog in it's original form. I never really considered it a personal site for two reasons. First, my writings had very little to do with my personal life. Second, what information about me was also limited. Even in it's current form, the amount of information about me is fairly limited.

Now, however, do to a new opportunity, I have just signed up for a Facebook account. I'm still not a huge fan of the social media trend. There seems to be a lot of 'look at me' personalities out there that you have to weed through if you want to find others to have conversations with.

Now I'm faced with the issue of becoming one of those 'look at me' people. I've never been that good at making a scene, nor do I feel the need to have everyone look at what I'm writing. Up until now, I wrote for the love of writing. Now, I have to write for the masses and get the masses to read that writing. Ought to be interesting...