Monday, June 1, 2009

A Summer of Low Expectations, how I have missed you

As we head into June, the first two months of the Major League Baseball season is in the books. As of today, my beloved Cubs are mired in fourth place at 25-24, four and a half games back of first. As hindsight is always 20/20, I really shouldn't be all that shocked the Cubs are where they are.

First, some of the offseason moves should have been an omen. First, I think the Cubs should not have given up of Felix Pie. Yes, I know they were basically out of options considering he has to clear waivers to head back to AAA but he should have been given the chance. I would much rather have Pie in left than the headcase Milton Bradley. Given a choice between two players with similar stats, I'll take the younger one every time.

Just a show of hands. Who misses Mark DeRosa right now? The run on injuries the Cubs just went through would have been easier to take had we had him on the bench. Yes, they have received some good play out of guys like Jake Fox, Micah Hoffpauir, and Bobby Scales, but none of them were really a good fit at third defensively.

The one that could come back to bite them in the future is the Joey Gathright for Ryan Freel deal. Giving up a solid prospect for an injured, disgruntled player reminds me of some of the strange moves of Cubs teams past.

It was a lot easier to be a Cubs fan when I was younger. You knew that in any given year that the season would be a success if they didn't lose 100 games. No postseason expectations, no hype, no agonizing over losing streaks. If they won, it was a great day. If they lost, it was easier to take because in a corner of your mind, you knew they were going to lose anyway.

All of these playoff appearances in the last several years have inflated expectations. You now know that they do have what it takes to make the playoffs, so now we have come to expect it. So when the Cubs make bad roster moves and then do not have quality players to get them through injury spells, this is what you get.

Oh well, it is kind of liberating knowing that I shouldn't expect that much this year. It will make the game on any given day more enjoyable, more so when they win.

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