Saturday, July 25, 2009

Global war...climate ch...Whatever!

I'm a self described weather geek. My happiest moments are when the weather is at it's worst. Having studied weather and, to a lesser extent, climate since I was 8 years old gives me more knowledge than the average person. Based on some of the terminology used, I believe I know a bit more about certain aspects of the weather than the TV meteorologists do. Do I have a degree? No. Am I taking any advanced classes? No. The only training I have is that I am a trained weather spotter.

Still, I do know that I have enough knowledge to say with confidence that the global warming/climate change argument is total crap. Leaving aside the scientific evidence, the arrogance and conceit that we could have any significant effects on something as large and complex as the climate is insane. The fact that we could make significant, lasting changes to the earth's climate in the short time we've been here is ludicrous. If you compress the age of the earth into a single 24 hour period, with the earth being born at midnight, we, as modern humans, first showed up at 11:59:56.9 PM [1]. So, compared to the overall age of the earth, we are nothing more than the blink of an eye. The fact that we are enough of a threat to the planet that we could possible "destroy the planet" is baseless.

As for the scientific evidence, back in January 1998, the deepest cores were taken of Antarctic ice. Ice cores give scientists a great look into past climate conditions which includes temperature, precipitation rate, Moisture source conditions, wind strength and changes in trace gas composition of the atmosphere [2]. Over the last 420 kyr, there have been 4 glacial periods, each preceded by a drastic change in CO2 and CH4. So, either we have little to no impact on the climate, or the dinosaurs were engaging in heavy industry.

Realistically, we do not have any way of knowing if this is a natural cycle or something else. Even if it is a natural cycle, we won't know for a few thousand years at the least. Either way, the planet will far outlive us. To think that we can control or affect any aspect of the climate is conceited on a level way above the worst stuck-up celebrity or gasbag politician.

[1] - Earth's history in 24 hours;
[2] - Climate and atmospheric history of the past 420,000 years from the Vostok ice core, Antarctica. Nature Magazine, vol. 399, 3 June 1999;

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Opus #6 said...

Whether there is global warming or not, the politicians are "warming" to the idea of a nice tax hike. Great. Not.