Saturday, October 31, 2009

Why paper books are better than e-books

I stumbled across a discussion on a writing forum that I'm a part of that brought up the idea that printed books could be dead and gone within a few years. I have a problem with this, and I happened to compile a short list. These are just a few of the reasons I feel that paper books will be around much longer than anyone wants to believe.
  • I will never need to replace my book's batteries.
  • If I get my book wet, it will not ruin my other books.
  • If I drop my book, I can pick it up and still read it.
  • If my book breaks, I don't need a degree to fix my book, nor call an 800 number. A little tape/or glue will fix most damage to my book.
  • I do not need a 100+ page manual to learn how to read my book.
  • I can forget my book in my car in the summer and winter.
  • I can hand my book down from generation to generation without having to worry about the new books being backward compatible.
  • You can wrap/unwrap a book as a present.
Now I understand that there are many advantages when it comes to all of the new e-books. I'm considering a Kindle myself. While the e-books are a great piece of technology, I do not see them replacing normal, printed books anytime in the near future. Will the era of printed books end? Probably. I honestly can't say whether I will see that day in my lifetime.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Random thoughts

This is an idea I have been tossing around for a while and I would like to start it out. Hopefully it will develop into a series, but we'll see how it goes. Below are just a few, quick observations I have made. They can be taken however you feel fit. These are just my thoughts.

Something I've always wondered...Is having a peanut as a mascot for a nut company a little cannibalistic?

When did Facebook become evil? I have found that Facebook is now one of the biggest time suckers in my life right now.

While we are on Facebook, can I ask one favor? Can all of the stupid, vacuous, puerile, pointless, and just plain dumb cause requests go away PLEASE?! Seriously, if I get one more cause request that has no redeeming quality whatsoever, I am going to snap!

Maybe someone can answer this for me. I have been born and raised in Wisconsin. Can anyone tel me why I'm surprised by the weather anymore? As I write this, it's 69 degrees in Milwaukee. Tomorrow, we will be lucky to hit 50. Why does anyone live here anymore?

I'm going to try again, but I just can't seem to see the appeal of soccer. I tried getting into it during a past World Cup and I will try again next year, but I don't think that the result will be any different. I understand the rules, so that's not causing issues, I just don't see why the world thinks so highly of the game.

Is it wrong that I enjoy tweaking people? You know, doing and saying things that I know will set someone off? It's just too fun!

I know I'm fighting an uphill battle with this one, but I will continue to fight. Why, when character length is not an issue, do people insist on using textspeak? I understand the need for emoticons when it's hard to convey emotion, but how many LOL's, BRB's, ROFL's, and OMG's will I have to endure? In my opinion, it marks you as a bit lazy. I know it's the grammar Nazi in me, but horrible spelling should not be allowed. If people can't figure out what words you are using, how can you expect them to know what you are saying?

I swear, the next time I see someone properly merge onto a highway, navigate a roundabout, or use a 4 way stop properly, I may just die from the shock. Are they even teaching this stuff in driver's ed anymore?

That's it for now. Now, if you happen to fall in any of the above, this is not meant to be an insult. These are some of the things that I find odd, confusing, or frustrating. If you want to write about things I do that annoy you, feel free. I'll probably read it! If you enjoy this and wish to have one of yours included in the next installment, drop me a line in the comments. The e-mail address that is linked to this account has died, and I haven't replaced it yet.

No, I haven't abandoned this blog yet...

For the very small handful of my readers, no I haven't given up on this blog just yet. Things have changed a bit for me and one of the things that had to be put on the back burner was this writing. The fact that there hasn't been a whole lot of personal stuff to write about hasn't helped either.

There has been a bit of progression in my "Journey" series of posts, but not enough to devote an entire post to. I have also been busy with my recent novel project which has eaten into the free time I had.

Getting back to the writing motivation for a bit, I have found it increasingly difficult to care enough about stuff to write about it. The country is still on it's breakneck speed downward spiral, but it's hard for me to say anything that hasn't been said 40 times over. Personally, my stress level has been so high for so long, that I'm having trouble being motivated enough to write something other than my book. It's funny, the last time I started this, what killed it was it became more of a chore than something I enjoyed. While I haven't got to that point yet, I feel I'm quickly approaching it again. So, dear reader, I need a bit of help. What kinds of things would you like to see? I know my Cubs and Sharks rants have a very limited audience, and while I certainly fill this with Sharks rants of late, that's not the direction I want to go. If you have any ideas, feel free to leave them in the comments below. The only thing I don't want here are political posts. I have a separate area for that.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Rio 2016

Everybody and their mother is going to be writing something about the major snub by the IOC and about President Obama going to shill for Chicago. I'm not going to go that way. I have a slightly different take on it.

Rio was the only choice for the IOC. London having the 2012 games paired with 2 of the last 5 Summer Olympics being in Europe (including Spain in 1992) pretty much pointed to Europe not getting another games. Same issue for Toyko. Bejing just hosted in 2008, so giving another games to Asia so soon probably had no chance. While the President's visit probably didn't help, the real killing blow to the Chicago bid was the Chicago Tribune poll back in the beginning of September that showed that nearly as many people in Chicago that didn't want the games as wanted them.

It wasn't the lesser of the evils, though. Rio does have a few things going for them. First, the fact that no South American city has ever hosted the Olympics I'm sure played a major part. Second, and probably the biggest point, the biggest day as far as viewership goes in any Olympic games is the opening ceremonies. With what Rio does every year on Fat Tuesday, can you imagine what the opening ceremonies are going to be like in 2016? This might be the first time the Olympic games come with a parental advisory label. After all of the accusations that have surrounded the Olympics for years, the IOC had to give it to Rio. The passion that the Brazilians will bring to the games will be one for the books.

As a resident of Wisconsin, am I sad that Chicago lost? A little. Yes, it would be cool to have such an international event so close. However, with the political corruption in Illinois and Wisconsin, we would have been screwed more by having the games than not having them.