Saturday, October 31, 2009

Why paper books are better than e-books

I stumbled across a discussion on a writing forum that I'm a part of that brought up the idea that printed books could be dead and gone within a few years. I have a problem with this, and I happened to compile a short list. These are just a few of the reasons I feel that paper books will be around much longer than anyone wants to believe.
  • I will never need to replace my book's batteries.
  • If I get my book wet, it will not ruin my other books.
  • If I drop my book, I can pick it up and still read it.
  • If my book breaks, I don't need a degree to fix my book, nor call an 800 number. A little tape/or glue will fix most damage to my book.
  • I do not need a 100+ page manual to learn how to read my book.
  • I can forget my book in my car in the summer and winter.
  • I can hand my book down from generation to generation without having to worry about the new books being backward compatible.
  • You can wrap/unwrap a book as a present.
Now I understand that there are many advantages when it comes to all of the new e-books. I'm considering a Kindle myself. While the e-books are a great piece of technology, I do not see them replacing normal, printed books anytime in the near future. Will the era of printed books end? Probably. I honestly can't say whether I will see that day in my lifetime.

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