Friday, November 20, 2009

Kicking my own ass

OK, I guess that needs a bit of background....

As some of you may know, one of my hobbies is writing. Not just blogging, but writing poems and stories. I am currently working on a rough draft of a full length novel. Because I have a hard time writing when there is too much going on, my time to write is limited to the few hours Tuesday through Thursday when both kids are away at school or after everyone else goes to bed. The problem there is, the daytime hours are usually used for my job hunting and cleaning that can't be done when the kids are here. If you have a three year old, you know the frustration of trying to pick up when they are awake! So that leaves the late night as the best time. Unfortunately, I have to be up at 7 most mornings to get the kids organized. Pair that up with the fact that our three year old (who is still up as I write this!) rarely falls asleep before midnight, and that leaves almost no time.

So when situations like last night occur, I am thankful. My daughter was spending the night at one of the grandmother's house, neither kid had to be up at any particular time this morning, and my GF went to bed shortly after she got home from her bible study. When the tree year old fell asleep around midnight, I thought that I could get a solid 2-3 hours of productivity in.

That's where the title of this post comes in. My muse, never one to cooperate often, decided that it was time for his vacation. I sat there, writing totem and all, for two hours. What did I get out of those two hours? 116 words. 116 F'ing words. I have had nights where I was able to write 10 times that in half the time. Arrrgggghhhh...

I guess that's the nature of writing. I just wish it wasn't at such a bad time. Oh well, the Sharks game is over, it looks like the little guy is starting to wind down, so I guess I'm off to try it again. My coffee cup is near by (caffeine does wonders for my writing brain), my totem is close at hand, and I will be grabbing the MP3 player shortly. Wish me luck!

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