Saturday, December 5, 2009

HTML, oh how I loathe thee

As I sit here after a lovely, two hour session trying to help an online buddy get a blog set up, I have just one question. Does a website really need to be that difficult? Seriously, they couldn't have come up with an easier method by now? OK, that was two questions, but you get my point.

Now I know that someone who is certified in HTML will come along with some obligatory technobabble that would make Wesley Crusher look like Rain Man, but that will just prove my point. Why should it take so many codes to produce a single image? WHY?

I don't know...Maybe I'm just frustrated that it took so long to do so little. Maybe I had higher expectations than was warranted in regards to what we could get accomplished tonight. Maybe it's the fact that I'm old now and techie things are not supposed to make sense to me anymore. Who knows. Why should I care?

I guess I just don't want to admit that i'm behind the tech curve. Intellectually, I've known that for some time. To prove that point, all you need is me, my brother, and his Game Cube with Super Smash Brothers Melee in it. All the button mashing in the world isn't enough to save me from the butt-whooping that ensues. Hey, I grew up in an era where a D-pad and TWO buttons was advanced!

Oh, well. I guess when it comes to technology, 30 is the new 60. If you don't get it now, you may never get it!

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Beeblebrox said...

I'm sorry.. If it makes you feel any better it was an accident I got the damn thing to work..