Friday, April 30, 2010

Ron Johnson running for US Senate

As it was reported by WisPolitics yesterday, Oshkosh businessman Ron Johnson plans to run for the GOP nomination to run against Russ Feingold in the fall. While I admit that I don't know everything about him, what I do know makes me feel that he's exactly what we need.

Johnson is the owner of PACUR inc., an Oshkosh based manufacturer of polyester and plastic products, and the founder of the Oshkosh Tea Party. His conservative ideals were brought to the forefront in a recent article in the Oshkosh Northwestern where Johnson was quoted as saying, "This is the greatest country on Earth and we are lurching towards socialism and that doesn't work. What does work is free markets." A conservative with strong interests in education will be the perfect option.

Unfortunately, Johnson faces a rough uphill battle. Thanks to Tommy dragging his feet, Johnson hasn't had the opportunity to get his name out there. I mentioned that earlier, but Tommy holding up the entire GOP side is not what we needed. Johnson also faces a hard challenge in the name recognition battle. EVERYONE in Wisconsin knows Dick Leinenkugel just because of his family business. That will be a huge obstacle for Johnson to overcome due to the electorate's tendency to vote for names over substance.

Still, if he can get a good team together, dump massive amounts of money on TV and radio ads, and press the flesh in as many towns as possible, I think that Johnson could unseat Feingold this fall. Here's to hoping!

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