Saturday, June 26, 2010

Is anyone really shocked?


Here we go again...

Seriously Mr. Hendry, how long to we have to take this crap? It's not even like his stats are good enough for us to ignore these whiny cry-baby tantrums. I know that at this point,his trade value is as close to zero as a pitcher can be in the majors, but seriously, why is he allowed to continue to do this? I say cut him loose. Who cares at this point if the Cubs have to eat his salary. It's not like they are going anywhere this year anyway.

Personally, I'm glad he went after D Lee. Lee is one of the Cubs few top players. There's no way that the Cubs are trading Lee (unlike Michael Barrett) to keep Zambrano out of trouble. It's got to the point that I no longer enjoy hearing Cubs games and Zambrano is a big part of that.

It's time to clean house Mr. Hendry. Take what you can get for all the overpriced, underpreforming "talent". If I'm going to listen to losing baseball, I would rather hear a bunch of youngsters who will get better as opposed to a bunch of veterans who are only getting worse.

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