Monday, June 14, 2010

Random rants

OK, TJ is feeling a little pissy tonight, so it's time to get some things off my chest that have bugged me or annoyed me for a while...

Potheads should not have cute girlfriends

This should violate some law of nature. It's not right! Some hippie wannabe burnout gets the girls? What? Maybe it's because I'm a guy, but I can't see the attractiveness of a person who gets so wasted that they could buy out the local convenience store of munchies and discuss the deep, philosophical meanings behind Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Blinkers do serve a purpose on your car

Yes folks it is true that when on the road you are not surrounded by a group of mindreaders. We have no earthly clue where you are going unless you give us some kind of hint. I must admit though that I may be asking a bit much out of a small segment of the population. Most of them have no earthly idea where they are going either...

Summer is wasted on baseball season

For those that know me, this comes as no surprise. As a almost lifelong Cubs fan, there has been WAY more disappointment than enjoyment these past 20 years than is healthy. There is nothing better than sitting on a patio, beer in hand, with a baseball game on the radio. Except for perhaps a game being played by a team that has a fraction of a chance to actually do something.

Soccer is a sure fire cure for insomnia

Ok, I know that I said that I would be giving soccer another chance this time around with the World Cup going on, but as a hockey fan, I can't get past the pace of soccer on TV. It is so slow! Maybe it will be better when my adopted team, New Zealand, takes to the pitch, but I doubt it. 90+ minutes of running around for two or three goals if we are lucky? Maybe it would be a bit better if the yellow cards were removed. No penalties until we see teeth on the ground or bones coming through skin. I can dream I guess....

A drum machine and foul language is not music

Sorry rappers. Turning on a drum machine and ranting about your bitches and avoiding the cops is not music. Music has melodies, rhythm, and thought behind it. This falls under the, "textspeak is not writing" category. Which leads me too...

LOL! OMG, WTF?! are not sentences

I do believe that I will be fighting this one to my dying day, but the proliferation of cell phones and text messages is removing the spelling and grammar skills from an entire generation of our people. It needs to stop! Kahlil Gibran turned out to be closer to being correct than I care to admit...At this rate though, we will be down to 7 letters, not words.


Mike in Buffalo said...

Why New Zealand?

TJSharky said...

Why not?

Honestly, I really have no other reason to follow them other than someday I would really like to visit the country. Unfortunately, due to the roomies blasting their music until 4 am, I missed the first New Zealand match due to the fact that I needed to sleep! :D