Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Underground Conservative Part III

Well, now that I have gotten accustomed to my general surroundings, I am comfortable in finding my own detours (and considering I have had to find two in as many weeks, that's a good thing) around street festivals and the such. Up to this point, I know that I'm not in any real high rent district and I have come to terms with that. What I wasn't prepared for, however was this sight:

(not actual location picture)

Now, in case you haven't paid attention, most Popeye's are not going to be located in the elite districts. You will probably never see a Popeye's in Brookfield for example (heck, they fought tooth and nail when Aldi wanted to move in). As a personal observation, EVERY Popeye's I have ever seen has been in a low income or predominantly African American area. Not that I mind...I love Popeye's chicken. The fact that I have one less than a mile from me is still a bit disappointing in some ways. Call me a racist if you want, but a Popeye's in your neighborhood is like a giant, tasty beacon of low income.

Did I really need to see that big sign to know I was in a lower bracket neighborhood? Please. I know where I am. The several times a day police siren blaring past the house is reminder enough. Still, it was one more reminder that, given a choice, I wouldn't be here.

Now before you start screaming "RACIST", I am well aware that the reputation that African Americans have received recently is from a small minority of drug dealers and thugs. Unfortunately, most, if not all, of those thugs hang out in the low rent districts. I also know Milwaukee's reputation. It is far from common, but WAY far from a rare occurrence, that people have been wounded and even killed by stray bullets inside their homes. That's right, I could be sitting here, typing, minding my own business, inside my room, and just because some hormonally imbalanced rageaholic with the impulse control of a gnat decides to try to off someone, I could be snuffed out.

The upcoming weekend will be better. I will have the time to get out more and dig deep into the underside of this town. At least I hope it will be better. I know that what I hear on the news is not what Milwaukee is all about. There are so many things good about this city but they are often overshadowed by the bad. There is a ray of hope however. There is a red fox that seems to live in my neighborhood. Yep, deep in the heart of the city, a real slice of nature is here. Perhaps it won't be all bad.

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