Sunday, July 18, 2010

Things that would make me happy

OK, I understand that this will come off as a whiny, unhinged, old man rant, but I can't help myself. People always say that it's the little things in life that make it all worth it. Well, these are some of the little things that, if improved, would make my life a lot better.

Proper merging onto freeways

Here's a quick quiz. Which of the following is true when you are merging onto the freeway:
a) You must use your blinker
b) You must be at freeway speeds when you merge onto the freeway
c) The freeway traffic has the right of way
d) All of the above

In case you are unsure, D is the correct answer. I addressed A in an earlier post, but it seems to be more of a problem in cases where it's needed most. The real issue here is a combination of B and C. The next time I have to slam on my brakes to avoid a person doing 45 at the end of the on-ramp I just might be tempted to NOT hit the brakes.

Just because NASCAR is popular, doesn't mean you have to draft off of me

If I had a dollar for every car that was mere inches off my bumper, I could sit on here and blog all day and still be able to support myself. Getting right on my bumper will not force me to go faster. In fact, I'm the kind of person who will slow down when tailgated. I had a situation earlier today that I was shocked that didn't end up in a bumping. I was being followed so closely by an Audi that was so close, I could not see the entire logo on the front grill! I knew he was too close as I was approaching my turn, so I turned my blinker on VERY early. Even so, when I went to brake to make my turn, he STILL had to swerve around me to avoid hitting me! People please...getting to your destination 45 seconds sooner is no reason to risk property and bodily damage!

My government giving me something I really need

The only thing that the current government loves better than taxing is spending. The thing is, a lot of the things that they are spending the money on are really not worth it...Trains, bridges, roads, education....Come on! If they really want my vote, all they have to do is introduce a bill that says, "Free Air Conditioning for All"! With the fact that we are only in July and the days of high temps and even higher humidity have been plentiful, this is a government spending program I can really get behind!

Trolls of all shapes and sizes need to disappear

This gets me the most when people who have, at best, a passing knowledge of the weather, but continue to bash the weather guys when things are not predicted perfectly. Despite all the technological advances we have, the weather still is going to do what it wants and we will not know ahead of time. It's just the way weather works. Unpredictability is the only constant in weather.

There's really only one person who knows what's best for me

That's me. I know what my body craves. Cravings are your body's way of telling you that it needs something. You crave a burger, you probably need more protein. If you just have to have some milk, you are probably needing calcium. You only live once folks. Enjoy the ride. Eat what you like, drink what you like (responsibly of course), and enjoy life. Telling me that eating that four pound burger will kill me will more than likely evoke a "So?" response from me. Life is a terminal disease...enjoy it while you can.

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