Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles 2: Welcome to Wisconsin

As a parent, I have learned many things. One such thing is, if you are going to make threats, you better;
1) make the threat believable
2) be willing to follow through on said threat
3) make damn sure the treat isn't what the child wants anyway

Recently, Wisconsin transportation secretary Frank Busalacchi, in response to concerns from the residents of Oconomowoc, took his ball and went home by removing the stop in Oconomowoc from the high on speed rail line. The only problem with that Frank is that you forgot to check #3.

True, it's only a partial win. They are still trying to push through this rail line. However, with the residents of both Brookfield and Watertown (the other two proposed stops) also voicing concerns, it could very well end up as a limited route between Milwaukee and Madison. That would kill the line. One of the big selling points was that this would be a great way to get from the suburbs to Milwaukee. With no stops, I know nobody will travel to Madison to get to Milwaukee.

Will Governor Doyle and Busalacchi finally wake up and realize that nobody wants this boondoggle? With them now trying to allocate $300 million before the gubernatorial election in November, I don't think so...

And because I have no official connection with the Walker campaign....

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