Saturday, September 25, 2010

Livin' the M'waukee life (sorta)

While I have been hesitant to give too much detail when it comes to exactly where I live, the story I have to share kinda requires it.

For these past 2 months, I have been living in Riverwest. Since I have been living in the city, I have kept to myself and rarely went out to bars or restaurants. Well, last Thursday things changed. I decided that, for the sake of my mental well being, I needed a beer. Due to the fact that one of my roomies requests that no alcohol be in the apartment, I needed to find a bar nearby. So, out for a walk I went. A few minutes later, I stumbled upon the Stonefly Brewing Company. After 3 pints and 3 shots (only one of the pints and none of the shots I paid for) I have discovered that I may be home.

After talking for a few hours with a couple of regulars, apparently Riverwest is my home. I had no idea, but it's true. I guess that I am a perfect fit because I don't fit in anywhere else. I'm still not sure if that warm, fuzzy feeling I had was the acceptance or the Jameson, but either way, I think I may be on the way to mental fitness again. I was a little apprehensive about diving back into the bar scene considering the fact that I was not a real big fan of the bar/club scene when I was of the age of bar hopping. Granted it was a Thursday night, but from what I've heard, any night is a good night to drink in the areas around UWM and Marquette. I was pleasantly surprised. It was a nice, laid back atmosphere. I came to find out that it's usually pretty laid back most nights. Good. Just what I have been looking for, a nice place to enjoy a pint.

Which brings me back to the Stonefly beers. Wow. I was really impressed with their Brewtown Brown and 4 Wolves English Ale. Both of those went down WAY to easy for my own good! If you are a fan of Newcastle, you will love the Brewtown Brown. If you are a 'mainstream' beer drinker (Bud, Miller, Etc) the 4 Wolves will be a great spot for you to dabble into the world of micros. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to go out as often as I would like, but I will have to get down to try a new pint as often as I can. I'm not much of a stout drinker, but the Pierce Street Porter might be my next trial.

Thanks Dr. Nick and Mr. Mike for making me feel welcome. Sorry Mr. bartender sir, but I would have thanked you too, but I forgot your name!

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