Friday, September 10, 2010

My Tuesday

It will come to the surprise of nobody who reads my blog with any regularity that I am pretty conservative. So it will also come as no great shock that all of my marks will come on the red portion of the ballot on Tuesday. Although many of the races are basically one sided in this primary, I still wish to share with you my votes.


Ron Johnson - Yea, he's really the only candidate left on the ballot (Westlake and Finn have been so cash strapped that they are still unknown) but he would still get my vote. He is what the framers meant when they wanted a government of the people.


Scott Walker - Even though Mark Neumann does have some good plans and ideas, the casual on again, off again relationship he has with politics gives me a bit of a pause. Walker has the experience at the executive level that will translate well to Madison. Overseeing nearly 1/5th of the state's population already as Milwaukee County executive, it won't be too much of a stretch to taking on the entire state. Being conservative in a very liberal Milwaukee hasn't been easy, but he has dealt with all the mudslinging and has done what he felt was the best for the county.

Lt. Governor

Rebecca Kleefisch - It has been a running joke for many years (and even used in an ad campaign) that the Lt. Governor is a position with no duties, but it is a huge deal. As we have seen in the past, all it takes is a appointment by the President to move the Lt. Governor to the big chair. Kleefisch is another in the vein of Johnson. A normal person who genuinely wants to get into politics to do what's best for the state. She was my choice anyway, but what really sealed the deal was the fact that she took the time to say hi and thanks to me while struggling with getting her vehicle set up for the Sussex Lion's Daze parade. A lot of people would have just said a quick 'hi' and went back to setting up. The entire conversation probably lasted less than a minute, but it just goes to show that it takes little to make a big impact in people's minds.

US House

Dan Sebring - I was able to meet Dan briefly last year at the rally at Veteran's Park. He would serve Wisconsin proudly in the House, except for one fatal flaw. The fourth. The only way that you could get a Republican elected in the WI-4 district is by getting one of the following to run with a (R) behind their name: Aaron Rodgers, Robin Yount, Bob Uecker, Donald Driver, or possibly Bill "The Big Unit" Michaels. Still, Dan will get my vote in the primary and the general as well.

The only other contested race in the primary in my area is for state treasurer. I haven't made up my mind as yet, mostly because I haven't had the time to look into them even though treasurer doesn't have a whole lot to do with policy. I'll probably pick a guy when I get in the booth.

I wrote about this years ago in the original version of my blog (I may go back and see if I still have the handwritten copy somewhere so I can repost), but it bears repeating. I am so disappointed that, once again, my vote on Tuesday will, due to low turnout, probably count for 8-10 people. I hear so many people complain about government, but these same people cannot be arsed to do anything about it by voting or getting involved in the process. Unfortunately I have had to spend the greater part of the last 3 months insuring that I can survive which has limited my ability to get involved myself. Hopefully now that things have settled down I can help out when the above people win their primaries. So if any of you read this (and I will be linking to this on your Facebook accounts if I have them!) feel free to contact me if you want another helper!

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