Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Underground Conservative Part V

Well, now that I am officially registered (which was remarkably easy to transfer from my Sussex registration, but more on that later) to vote here at my new address in the lovely 16th Assembly District, I am ready to go for the primaries in a couple weeks and the general in November. In the last few weeks, I have received now fewer than 4 fliers left on our door.

I'm a little disappointed though. I know the city of Milwaukee is very blue, but come on. Isn't there at least a token conservative running for anything near me? Is it up to me next time?

Now that's an interesting notion. Me in the state assembly or state senate. Do I have a chance? Not yet. But that would be an idea. What better way to make change than to become one of the lawmakers.

Getting back to the transfer of my registration. wonder there's so many allegations of fraud. All I was required to do was fill out a simple, one page form. I was required to write down my driver's licence number, but the representative I talked to never asked to see my licence or any other form of ID. Yikes. Granted, I am not using a fake ID or address, but the ease at which it could be done is bordering on absurd. Really Milwaukee? When it comes to something as important as elections, you can't be bothered to make sure that someone is who they say they are and prove that they live where they say they do. Well, with me registered and voting, there will be one less fraudulent vote that counts.

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