Saturday, October 16, 2010

Late night musings

As I sit here, it is 2:21 am and I am in an odd mood. As you may have noticed (or readership is a bit on the thin side), there hasn't been a lot of new writings. There's a good reason for that. As I stated quite some time ago, my offline life at this point has to take precedence over my online life. Lately, it has really overrun me.

However, for some reason, I'm in an unusually good mood and feel like writing a bit. This will go in whatever direction it wants and will be quite random, so hang on!

Well, the NHL season is now upon us and whatever fears I had before are still with me. The Antti Niemi signing has helped a little, along with the minor miracle of Thomas Greiss clearing waivers and being assigned to Woostah. The whole thing seems a little same-y though for my liking. Here's a team that, on paper, should be able to run with any team in the league. We've heard that before of course. It's become so bad that the writers are refusing to consider the Sharks Cup contenders anymore. I don't blame them. It looks like it will be another cruise control season until April. Then we'll see where they are.

The midterm elections are just a few weeks away and things are definitely looking up! By now, you all have heard about the unreal strength of Rebecca Kleefisch. Also, the DNC has just recently announced that they are pulling out of the WI-8 race. Not good for Steve Kagen. Great for Wisconsin though! Now if we can only get them to give up on Feingold....

Speaking of Maverick...
Thanks Charlie!

I've been considering doing some of my own exit polling. It would be interesting to see how my numbers would stack up to the actual results. Problem is, I doubt that Milwaukee county would like a conservative getting any numbers at all. Maybe a call to the election commission is in order...

I've been meaning to rant on this for a while, but I didn't have enough for a blog post, and it's too much for a Facebook status post. Ladies...It's a drink...not a marriage proposal. There's nothing wrong with accepting a free drink. Maybe it's the Wisconsin in me, but free is free regardless of the source. I would even take a free drink from a gay guy if it was still offered after I would explain that I'm straight.

Ok, time to sign off before I fall asleep on the keyboard and you all get a unintelligible string of characters. Check back soon though. I have another blog post forming in my brain that may just shift a few paradigms without a clutch...Stay tuned!

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