Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Brain Nuggets

Time for a few more things that are too short for a post on their own, but too long for a Facebook status!

At what age, if any, is it too old to have crushes? Seriously, is there a point that it turns from 'Awww...that's so cute!' to 'EEEEEEWWWWW....creepy!'? Does it make it worse that the person knows it's a crush? Pre-teens and teens by and large don't know the difference, that's what makes it sooooo cute. I get that a 60 year old man crushing on a 21 year old is creepy in the extreme, but what about the gray areas? These are the things that come to my mind as I'm coming off of a caffeine fueled Epiphany...

Ladies...What is the big deal with the 'bad boys'? I'm not talking about the barflies that act all big and bad, I mean the true bad guys. The guys with a rap sheet that goes from Green Bay to Milwaukee. Maybe it's a difference in the sexes, but in reverse, I wouldn't find a gal with multiple felonies and who was just released from prison attractive, no matter what they looked like on the outside. I just don't get it. The incident in the Milwaukee freeway recently brought this one to mind. When given the choice, the gal stayed with the felon. Am I missing something?

As much as it pains me to say it, I have officially gone over the line from huge fan to fanboy. It's not something that I want to admit. I have spent my entire adult life trying desperately to avoid becoming the 'OMGOMGOMGOMG' kind of fan of anything. Yes, I have deep respect and admiration for many different people from all walks of life (writers, musicians, sports players, etc), but it has always been in a respectful way. I came to the realization last night that there is now one person that, if I ever got the chance to meet, would turn me into a blubbering pile of fanboy goo...The conscious part of my brain was a little surprised by the subject of said fanboydom, but the subconscious apparently always knew. Oh well...time to go over to the dark side.

edit: After a bit of a reflection, it has come to my attention that if you look at my electronic presence, you might get a hint at the person who is discussed above...

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