Sunday, February 13, 2011

TJ's easy guide to going green!

OK...I know what you are thinking. I am no real big fan of all these 'green friendly' ideas. My belief is that the planet will be here, survive, and thrive long after we're gone. I was thinking recently that if you consider the fact we have not mastered the art of cryonics, nor can we travel off our galactic block so to speak, I guess we should consider doing things a bit differently. Below you will find my easy, step by step guide to doing your part in protecting our precious resources.

Save water - Shower in pairs!

This is the #1 best way to save that most vital of resources, water. By grabbing a coed, you cut the amount of water you use by a whopping 1/2! The average shower uses 2.5 gallons of water per minute (per USGS estimates), so a ten minute shower uses 25 gallons! Showering together will save you 12.5 gallons per shower! That's a kind of savings that will warm any environmentalists heart! (Thanks go out to Kelly Farris for the assist on this one!)

Save energy - Reduce the temperature and find a cuddle buddy!

All the experts agree that one of the biggest ways that the average person can save energy is by reducing the temperature in your home by just a few degrees and grab a sweater. Well, you can save even more energy by reducing the ambient temperature in your bedroom to just a few degrees above the outside temp in the winter! Then all you need to do is grab that special someone and keep each other warm. Survival experts will tell you that the most efficient way to share warmth is by skin to skin contact. One warm quilt plus two naked bodies equals environmental bliss!

Save landfill space - Use rechargeable batteries!

Ladies (and some guys), by switching to environmentally friendly rechargeable batteries you can reduce the hundreds of thousands of disposable batteries that end up in our landfills from all of your 'toys'. With just a few sets of rechargeables, you can play to your hearts (and every other part) content, confident in the knowledge that you are saving valuable landfill space!

Reduce impact from clothing - go natural

If you ask any person who is doing a lot to reduce their environmental impact one of their favorite ways to reduce their impact is by buying gently used clothing from local thrift stores. Not only does it save everything that goes into making an article of clothing (land used for growing cotton, energy wasted in producing the fabric, energy wasted and pollution from transporting, etc) but many of the thrift shops (like Goodwill) use the money raised from the sale of donated items to support social programs. I say, if you want to really become truly green, you should dispense the need for clothing entirely! In 2009, 9.1 MILLION acres of land in the US alone was used in the planting of cotton (Per the National Cotton Council stats). Imagine how much of that land could be used for other green ideas if it wasn't needed to grow all that cotton!

Can't go clothes free? - Go commando!

Ok, I'll admit, most of us are unwilling to go the au natural route even if all the indecency laws would be stricken from the books (and believe me, I'm no exception). The average household does around 400 loads of laundry in a standard year (per Energy Star estimates). Here's an easy way to see what kind of impact you have. Take all your unmentionables and place them all in the washer (just for scale). now, if say you have one load of undies and you wash them, say every other week, that's 26 loads of laundry per year that you save by just getting rid of the first layer! 26 loads of water and detergent is great savings for both the planet and the wallet!

By following these simple, eco-friendly suggestions, soon even you can be proud to shout, "I'm green and I'm LOVING it!"

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