Sunday, February 13, 2011

The unseen forces

I know...two posts in one day! What has come over me? Well, give me a few months and I'll probably be able to answer that but first, on to the reason for this unprecedented outpouring of verbiage.

I decided a bit ago to go back over my writings here over the past two years and was more than a little shocked at what I found. I know that the last two years for me haven't been the easiest I have ever faced, but I had no idea that the bitterness that I was feeling was so obvious in my writings. More than once I found myself saying, "Wow...that was quite snarky!" to something I wrote. I'm fairly sure that there was no coincidence that most of the snarkiest writing came during my long stretch of unemployment when the issues in my personal life were really dragging me down.

In the early days of this version of the blog, I'll freely admit to intentionally going for the low punch occasionally. In this 'shock and awe' world we now live in, the only way to stand out is by making more noise than those around you. Looking at those posts now, from a quite different perspective, I see what they really were...A mean spirited attack born from a time of great frustration with myself and my situations. Even the more recent posts (2010) also had a few daggers (no, not quite the same as Wayne Laravee's) that I'm a bit disappointed about.

I don't want to end up a bitter old man so soon, but it looks like that's what I became, at least for a little while. I know that my life has had more downs than ups lately, but that shouldn't come out as much in my writing. I'm hoping to change all that now. Maybe, just maybe, I can get back to the lighter side of life and it will reflect in my writing. Here's to hoping...


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